Nina Mehta is a product designer at Stripe currently helping entrepreneurs start their businesses with Stripe Atlas. She led design at Pivotal Labs Berlin and San Francisco. Nina has worked with companies like Twilio, Volkswagen, Samsung and on teams in Tokyo, London, Chicago, and the part of the U.S. with all the corn. She started her career designing newspapers and now writes and runs workshops on cross-discipline collaboration often bringing art, music, and tech communities together.

Product Design

Very few problems are solved alone. I believe smart engineers and thoughtful designers can make technology comfortable to use. When we research, sketch, and code together, we can make software that brings people closer and put screens in the background.

Product Design Portfolio

Projection Mapping

For several years I designed and performed live visuals in dance clubs and at music festivals. They compliment the music by creating the shape and tone of the spacial experience.
Artist Portfolio

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