Nina is a designer, writer, and media artist in San Francisco working as a product design manager at Pivotal Labs.

She believes smart engineering and thoughtful design can make technology invisible. She's most excited about communication platforms that get out of the way and help people talk and do things together. She's a trained journalist and self-taught projection artist.

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Side Projects

Most of my product design work is hidden behind a wall of NDA stuff. Just pop me a note if you want to see.

Startup The Party

Startup The Party Conference: SF x Tokyo

With two counterparts in Tokyo, I hosted an activity-based conference for people into underground art, techno, startups. Our full-week conference brought creatives from two likely cities together to prototype, do ethnographic research, see Tokyo behind a new lense and go to the Labyrinth Music Festival. We brought much-needed energy to the Tokyo startup scene and inspiration to the visitors to make their home cities better.


Dataviz: The Heartbeat of Twilio

This data visualization installation was made with Kyle Conroy using data and processing to show calls being made on Twilio. The length of each line represents one phone call being made on Twilio in that moment. The installation was showcased at our annual conference, Twiliocon in 2012.

Responsible for concept, design, css, some parts javascript, installation setup, and video production.


OmGenie SMS Meditation App

OmGenie is a simple sms app inspired by a 2-person meditation exercise where one person asks for what they want and the other says " you can have it" and affirms the desire. Text (415) 683 7914 and try it out.

This meditation app might help you:

  • Inspire explicit and sub-concious productive action
  • Exhaust you from material and ego-driven desires
  • Be happy


Berlintechno: a book of photos and prose

This beautiful city of Berlin is donned the title 'electronic music capital of the world' by many. And though its music is often described as minimal and mathematical it is also designed fully with emotion. In that same spirit I designed this book with quotes from local DJs and photos from partygoers to celebrate the beautiful city and its music. | North American Music Festival Guide

2008 Music Festival Guide

This self-started graphic was built for young music-savvy travelers at for The Indianapolis Star. The map launched before the summer music festival season inspired by a debate in our message boards whether it was worth traveling to Lollapalooza in Chicago. I collected data for ticket costs, gas estimates, distances and festival information and worked with the editorial and marketing departments for the launch.This GoogleMap API uses javascript and css to guide readers to the best music festivals around North America.

See the map a little bigger

Postcards for backpackers at home

I made these postcards on the Indiana Unversity letterpress. I inked, rolled and cut the cards by hand. Both many of my friends and myself, frequent travelers, for one reason or another had to put countless backpacking trips on hold. I made and sent these postcards to remind them adventure is everywhere.

Drop me a line with your address and I'll mail you a card :)

Music Book Club

Music Book Club is a monthly gathering I coordinate. For each event, I change the theme, attendees and member who hosts. A group of six friends, assembled into teams of two, assigned by me, bring an electronic dance music track, a dish and a drink for music listening and discussion.

This recurring event creates a thoughtful, small-group listening experience for a community that would otherwise exists in loud clubs or online. It is a Silhouette production.