— Nina Mehta

Nina Mehta is a designer and writer living in Berlin after life in San Francisco. The Chicago native now works and plays at Pivotal Labs in Berlin and does live music visuals at night. She has a master’s in HCI from Indiana University and is a former news designer and journalist. Nina has worked and researched in London, Tokyo, San Francisco and in Southern Africa.

She welcomes your comments and visits to http://ninamehta.com.


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  1. Kobra Koskinen says: December 13, 20122:07 pm

    Hey Nina,

    Saw your blogpost on better reading online, and as you have background in design and journalism, would be great to hear your feedback on what we do.

    I’m running a startup that recommends better stories to read based on what and how you have read before. We try to understand which of the stories are worth reading by tracking the way that they are read, and later on help the authors understand their audience better.



    ps. here’s an article on us: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bianca-bosker/scoopinion-personalized-magazine_b_1755997.html#slide=1348738

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