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Air @ the Forum, 17 March 2007

“Oh, didn’t Air do that one song in the 90s?… Sexy Boy “

Yes. Any many-a-other song since. I saw Air last night in Kentish Town. Besides the obvious that they were excellent I’ll tell you more. I had no idea what they would be like live. Especially considering their special guest opener put encouraged everyone to talk or sleep after about 2 songs. Point being, the possibility of an Air-like soothing lovely but quiet show became a real possibility.

Good light technicians

Silly me, Air was not a 20quid naptime. Of course they played songs from Pocket Symphony but it’s always nice to hear the classics. Nicolas Godin has a really cute French sense of humor. Before Kelly Watch the Stars, he got distracted by the voice distorter and saying little nerdy things instead. And his broken English reminded us, “I like when you shout!”

Some of the songs, but not all by any means were instrumental. And don’t you worry, their encore ended with Sexy Boy.

Even though I went by myself, I made friends with two girls here from Australia. They live about 2 hr from where Rossy is studying! When I told them the tale of how I ended up there solo, they said to me, “It’s like going to the movies alone!” That’s a little joke for you if you read my blog. They’ve been going to so many shows, I’m a little bits jealous. But we both realised and agreed… London is weirdly behind on the music scene.

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