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London Vlog 1 – The Air India Delay

London Vlog 1.1 – Air India = Crazed Staff, Crazed Passenger

We arrived at O’Hare terribly early. Only to find out the Air India line was miles long and the flight was ridiculously delayed. The girl in front of me ended up being in my program and on my flight. We realized we would miss the busses that would take us from Heathrow to the Apartment, so we’d have to take the Tube. Until, there was an open standby spot for her on British Airways. Tears and complaints later, a nice couple in line in front of me said they lived near my apartment and would help me get on the right Tube. I knew there was a possibility of one more student who could be on my flight.

I passed through security and began waiting for the flight. Only to find out the original 8:45 pm departure was bumped many times and eventually till 2:30 am with a 1 am boarding. I asked (the few) caucasian males amongst the Air India passengers if they were Nick. Nope. I found some other students my year going to London to study and hung with them till the flight left. Later someone at the desk affirmed for me he was checked in, we met, and continued the long journey to London together.

Passed out on the airplane I nibbled at the chicken curry and thanked holy ganesh that Val took me shopping for snacks earlier that day. We landed in London and surely missed the 4:00 orientation meeting. Grabbed our surprisingly not lost baggage and made our way to the Tube. 3 pounds and 20 minutes later we exited at Earl’s Court and tried to follow the directions to our Apartment. Rest assured my parents and Shilpa successfully called my cell phone!

As Nick and I got to a cross street that was unexplained in the directions, we agreed to ask for directions. We saw a group of students our age, then one yelled out, “Hey, Big Nick!” So we ran into the whole group and then the leader took Nick and me back to the apartment. I Gtalked with dad and got unpacked. I think we’re going to take a quick tour of the area and then headback soon, early mornin tomorrow!

I’m here, I’m safe, and London is Wonderful!

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