Berlin’s cold-war brainwashed americans

Living in Berlin reminds me of how much anti-russian brainwashing I watched as a child. I grew up knowing the Russians were the bad guy and always inferior. I’m starting to have relationships where I can understand what life and propaganda was like on the other side. Rewatching old American really makes you question the media’s control on the “free” world.

The Red Slime episode

In the MTV Nickelodeon hit series You Can’t Do that on Television, using the word “Free” was a trigger phrase for red slime after the studio was taken over by Russian Communists in the 1986 episode “Enemies & Paranoia”. Watch from 11:50-13:03 if you don’t believe me! Keep watching for the amazing oreo and slip n slide commercials.


Natasha and Boris

In this minisode of Rocky and Bullwinkle, an 80s children’s cartoon, evil spies Boris and Natasha have to swim home after a message control. Natasha suggests buying a a boat ticket and Boris questions her national pride and insists they should steal the boat tickets. How about that for propaganda!

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