Design, HCId

I will be a Master of Science #HCId

Well, let’s take a deeper look and understand design a little better. There are some computers, some humans and a whole lot of interaction between the two. Let’s wrap that up into a masters program and offer Nina a MS in the School of Informatics at IU.

Some doors have closed and others opened and I’m grateful that I found myself back in Bloomington, Indiana. Since I’m here, I chatted with the directors of the program and it seems to be everything I want from higher education. It’s a half lab (practicum), half academic design program with elective wiggle room to tailor fit this degree. I’ve been really impressed with both the faculty and wide range of students who are in the program right now. Diverse backgrounds.

There was a decisive moment when I met with Professor Marty Siegel. He shared that many of his courses begin with music, what I understood to be an academic meditiation. For example, there is one Bela Fleck song he played that has multiple variations in the piece. In there is a lesson to approach a (design) challenges in multiple ways. There’s also an emphasis in the program on doing something for the greater good with the degree. I don’t plan to graduate and work on website interfaces for the rest of my life. I couldn’t say say what I plan be doing; I hope it doesn’t exist yet.
I’ll continue working at the Journalism School as a graphic designer and pouring wine tastings at Oliver Winery till fall when I begin classes.

HCId, London

Of course there’s a Facebook group

I can’t imagine how different the world was 10 years ago. Studying abroad would be a completely different experience. I would be living and working in London without email, a cell phone, or even this blog. My travel agent would not be available in my apartment at 3 a.m. Postcards would serve more than novelty and who knows what kind of international news I would be reading. And of course… the social network.

HCId, London

Why travel when Google Earth will take me everywhere?

I mapped up my apartment, office, and University on Google Earth. I even found a nifty feature that marks all the underground tube stations. This is out of control. I’ve been doing research on technology, news, and the future for a class. I believe GoogleEarth will be part of the framework for a info-social-network-sharing-hub.
Nonetheless, I went on a pushpin binge and found marked branches of my bank, the US embassy, and so on. In my mapping haze, I found some home away from home comfort: 6 of my friends will be in Europe next semester, I’m friends with 2 IU kids in my program, and Ashley Dinges is booking a flight during her spring break. If you’re looking for a party in spring.. it’s across the Atlantic! 45 days and counting…