Citrix Xenapp End User License Agreement

The acquired service package determines your right to service. The service description contains an overview and other conditions that apply to your service: www.citrix.com/buy/licensing/saas-service-descriptions.html. All components of the service are only granted to the same users or devices. You should not allow different users or devices for each component. Citrix combines virtualization, network and cloud technologies with collaborative services into a product portfolio that enables mobile workstyles for users and virtual data centers for computing. The RDS-CALs and SQL Server, if included in your product, are licensed by Microsoft under the license model and licensing conditions. For Internet-connected devices, the Workspace app for this product can, without additional notice, search for updates available for download and installation on the device and inform the user of their availability. In this case, only non-personal data is transmitted, unless IP addresses may be considered personally identifiable in some jurisdictions. If you grant citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Premium Edition, you can use the WEM component to support physical desktops that are not part of a VDA deployment in addition to your VDA deployment, but total USE of WEM should not exceed the total number of licenses purchased. A full list of component/feature privileges for each release of this product is available in the under: www.citrix.com/products/citrix-virtual-apps-and-desktops/feature-matrix.html matrix. You have the right to use only the functions of your edition.

This product may contain citrix Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) and/or CeIP Extended-Function. Unless otherwise stated for a product, Citrix`s end-user license models are as follows: Depending on the user model, a “user” is a person authorized by you to use any device to access the service instances through your allocation of a unique user ID. See these frequently asked questions about licensing. SKU`s description for each product or maintenance offer ordered confirms your requirements. In the event of a conflict between a description of SKU and this table, the description of the SKU is checked. See software maintenance descriptions under www.citrix.com/support/programs.html. For out-of-date maintenance, restoration and restoration costs may be incurred. Upgrades between maintenance programs are not proposed. Unless otherwise stated for a product, Citrix`s end-user licensing models are as follows: Under the cpu socket model, a socket processor is a unique cpu socket on a server on which the PRODUIT is run, whether or not the socket contains a CPU. Licenses must be purchased for all cpu sockets on these servers. The “Express” versions of the products are offered with a temporary license and with NO WARRANTY, INFRINGEMENT INDEMNIFICATION OR SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE.