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Guardian Adverts: still brilliant and timeless

London-based Newspaper The Guardian redesigned their print product in 2005. It won multiple awards for its use of the Berliner format along with the ease of readability, consideration of readability, flow from section to section and brilliant use of color, photography, illustration and language.

Later came the website redesign and new advert campaign. I met Creative Director Mark Porter and Special Projects Director Mark Leeds for while in London internship, research and Uni courses. More on that meeting here.

What’s most inspired is how well the redesign and team translated the print vision to their website and marketing campaigns. Nearly 10 years later, their adverts still inspire me:volumecontrolgu81






Nina Mehta is a writer and product design leader in Brooklyn, New York. She began her design career in journalism and has been writing online for 20+ years. Nina is from outside Chicago and has since lived and worked in San Francisco, Berlin, London, and Tokyo. Learn about Nina at

One thought on “Guardian Adverts: still brilliant and timeless”

  1. Marc Shillum says:

    thx for sharing, first I worked for Mark at the Guardian,
    then I got to win the advertising work for Wieden + Kennedy.
    It was such a rare chance to work on both sides of the same
    business when it was being redesigned. And to have Mark as
    a boss, then a client. And all for a rather wonderful newspaper.

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