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Capstone Project Plan: It happened in the news, so what?

The Indiana Daily Student newspaper printed a short piece previewing Ron Paul’s upcoming visit to Bloomington, Indiana. The great thing the editors coordinated was a little sidebox answering two questions “Who is Ron Paul?” and “Why should I care?”

This is what I want to do for my capstone, only better.

I want to help people get a better understanding of why they should care. I want to give context to what is in the news. I want to answer the questions “so what?” I want to bridge the gap, the disconnect, between what is being reported and published to what is going on in our daily lives. We have more personal, intimate, publicly, legal, free data than ever before about about individuals. We now have social data. I want to use this informatin to bridge that gap.

Primary User Group
Moderate to heavy social media consumers and producers with a general interest in world events and news. These people likely don’t consume as much news as they would like to.

New York Times Digital, LLC (and possibly Facebook Connect)

What is the anticipated final outcome
I will design an interface and experience that helps news and social media consumers answer the question “so what?” when consuming the news. My goal is to design something that fits into their daily lifestyle and does not require them to visit a new website or install a new program.


Exemplars (alpha) (NYT Custom Times) (news for you)

First Sketches & Concepts of Final Design



Final Concept Design

How do we relate to news?

Our News Communities

Timeplan Subject to change
Interviews with social media users and news readers. After a good grounding I will begin to introduce professionals into my interview conversations to understand design decisions companies have made before me and how this space has been explored.

I will continue to read and keep up on research papers and blogs exploring products currently within development.

Preliminary sketching will include rapid wireframing of existing interaction design interfaces, visual discussions of ideas, concepts and explorations.

I am currently reading The Facebook Effect. My goal is to finish it by the end of the month along with other readings, Ted Talks, Papers and books.

Research, prototype sketching, presentation preparation

Research and Prototype development preparation, presentations

Research and prototyping

Research, prototyping, testing and evaluation

Prototype finalization and

Presentation preparation

Presentations and reflection