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Let’s get connected and hired! Elect Nina Mehta for 2010-2011 GISA Research and Professional Chair

Nina Mehta

Classmates, Colleagues and future SoIC alumni,

Let us continue the great work that has been done by former Graduate Informatics Student Association officers and carry on the tradition of excellence.

I request of the School of Informatics and Computing bio, chem, human computer interaction design, music and security informatics graduate students to elect me to represent them as the GISA Research and Professional Development Chair. It is a natural fit for me.

According to the Cornell University Career Services, up to 80 percent of job openings are unadvertised. Professionals are hired through connections and this School has those connections. In collaboration with the Career Services Staff, Faculty, students, other university groups in Bloomington an of course alumni, I will work to further connect my colleagues.

I will work with the administration, faculty and Career Services staff to facilitate what needs to be done to get SoIC students jobs, internships, research, teaching and other positions to further their professional development.

I am an HCId Master’s student with an undergraduate degree from IU in Journalism and a second major in Political Science. I graduated in December of 2007. I worked full-time for a year at The Indianapolis Star and took a six-week professional leave to attend the Poynter Institute summer Fellowship program to intensively study digital storytelling and collaborative working on a full scholarship. I then worked at the IU School of Journalism Communications Department, The Kinsey Institute, Oliver Winery and now am a full-time Graduate Assistant in the Office for Women’s Affairs. I was hired for all of these jobs in 2009 alone, all through connections. I will do what I can to help SoIC students get connected within and outside of Bloomington. I am also currently working with the small team of students, Pete Bucklin and Erik Stolterman to influence the future HCId design space.

My goal is to learn more about the alumni network that Jeremy Podany has already cultivated so well. I will work to understand what can be done to strengthen that community for current students to join upon graduation. I have experience, connecting, preparing and hosting multiple alumni events from my experience working at the IU School of Journalism. I do not know someone who works at Intel, IDEO or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but I will work with the staff to find someone who does. This gets jobs.

I am a written, oral and visual communicator. I have professional experience with both graphic design and media writing. With these tools I can express the wants, needs and interests of SoIC students with a polished look and a garnish of fun.

I invite the School of Informatics and Computing graduate students to elect me, Nina Mehta, as the 2010-2011 Graduate Informatics Student Association Research & Professional Development Chair such that students who vote for me will formally express their research, professional wants, needs and interests.

You may review my portfolio, resume and this letter at

Thank you,
Nina Mehta

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Nina Mehta is a writer and product design leader in Brooklyn, New York. She began her design career in journalism and has been writing online for 20+ years. Nina is from outside Chicago has since lived and worked in San Francisco, Berlin, London, and Tokyo. Learn about her work at

2 thoughts on “Let’s get connected and hired! Elect Nina Mehta for 2010-2011 GISA Research and Professional Chair”

  1. KO says:

    I think this is great! You have my support, Nina!

  2. admin says:

    I hope many classmates choose to run for positions.

    The more students run for GISA positions, the more choices SoIC students will have, the better the democracy and the better the representation.

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