Munich’s little heaven

Munich is a lovely place in Bavaria. If you’re looking for pretzels, sausage, mugs of beer and men in lederhosen, it’s all here for you, in full authenticity. A colleague of mine describes it as a Heilewelt: an ideal heavenly world. She says it’s so nice and even a little blind to problems of the real world, but she says that’s exactly what makes it perfect for a short holiday.

Eisbach Wave

You wouldn’t expect to see surfers in a land-locked city, but a small ridge in the Isar River made the perfect spot for these wave runners. The steadiness of the wave gives the offers an especially hypnotic experience that’s hard not to enjoy.

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Follow the river and you’ll find yourself in the Englischer Garten. It’s as big as Central Park and makes for a wonderful walk on a sunny day. Treat yourself to the beer, sausage, chicken, pretzels, and saurkraut at the Seehaus. You can watch or join people and ducks paddle down the water on a lazy afternoon.  


If you love swans as much as I do, these ones will rock your world.

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It might sound dark or creepy to hang out in a cemetery but the Alter Nordfriedhof is a calm, quiet, relaxing place people like to go for runs. If you can find the gravestone with the Pyramids of Egypt, I’ll send you a treat.

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Now let’s say you’re tired of beer, and you just might be. There are more delicious cocktails bars than you’d expect in Munich. I had some yummy drinks at the Couch Club. I later learned their specialty is Gin so definitely don’t miss their salad in a glass basil gin smash.


There are more art museums in Munich than I’d expect considering the size. There are even a few James Turrell installations which was a high to-do on my list. Sadly the Häusler Contemporary is only open a few days a week and sometimes by appointment only. Someone please go on my behalf!

I was pretty disappointed about the Turrell thing but was equally pleasantly surprised when coming across the backside of the Bayerische Staatsoper opera house. It’s beautiful from all angles and worth strolling through. You won’t regret it.

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I felt rumblings of an unexpected subculture art scene in Munich. Skateboarders, street artists, and Berlin style underground techno parties.

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There’s much more to see and do in München than what I listed here. But these are my top pics from my last visit. Enjoy.

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