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No Man is an Island

I’ll really have to start making an effort if I want to be Lonley.  This is the city to pass through.  Yesterday I met up with Chris Courtney and his wife Karen (Chicago RedEye design kinds).  We had a great dinner at The Troubadour restaurant.  I really enjoy taking people there because it’s a nice way to see my neighborhood, do something ‘novelty’ like, and break away from the tourism insanity that London sometimes brings. I hope they enjoy London, it was nice to meet up for what turned out to be a 4 hour dinner!
The reason the Troubador is a novelty, besides the delicious food and cool atmosphere is all the big names who have played on their stage. Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Paul Simon to name a few.

This was the beginning of my constant flow of visitors.  I’m prepping for Peter this weekend, a fancy design-types dinner next Monday, and next weekend Annamarie and Alec (who’s been backpacking since Berlin).  Anyway today, Alec departed for Dublin, but neither of us knew he had a stop over in London.

Till this morning, when I receive a wall posting that says, “hey you, im in london” and simply just that. WHAT?
We got in communication eventually and he made it over to my office.  We shared a cute lunch at the new veggie cafe across the street inside the Church/Garden Museum.  Alec sported his new hot orange Birkenstocks and me in my 15 denier tights that keep ripping!

Anyway, the tales of familiar faces will only continue! It really brightened my day.

Still homeless for this summer, anyone know a vacant apartment in Indy? please.  Or a cheap way to get out of writing papers. I’ll take either.

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