I’ll be honest, the orientation meetings are kind of a drag. Mostly waking up at 8 and still overcoming a bit of jet lag and listening to speech after speech. They’re done now and we’ve done some cool stuff in between.

Yesterday we spent some time at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The fashion and photography exhibits were pretty interesting. Remembering that London is an old city, “local art” is not really a novelty. The best exhibit was an audio-electronic exhibition in the courtyard of the museum. Ourdoor there was an arrangement of about 15 slim 10ft tall blackcased LED light displays. Then from speakers some electronic music (including some Massive Attack jams) were playing. Then the LEDs were programed to be responsive to the sounds around it. So depending on the intensity, rhythm, bass, etc the lights would change color, shape etc. Sometimes each light post would respond individually and sometimes all displays worked in sync with one another. I took a video, but YouTube is delaying my sound to the video.

On our way out of the Museum I saw my new friends Allison and David (from the Airport) just on the corner. It was the most random meeting, but it made the city not feel as big. I am still trying to get in touch with some family that I have here. Soon enough.

We went to a sports bar/pub thing called Sports (which reminded me of IU) and hung out because it was student night. It was alright, actually… it was pretty americanized. Surely there are plenty more places left to discover. Orientation has been in High Kensington which is just lovely and we ate at Wagawama (positive eating + positive living) Japanese restaurant. It was delicious and amazingly efficient (and hot design).

Tonight we’re going to see The History Boys, compliments Arcadia. Tomorrow we only have one meeting and hopefully I can spend some time enjoying London. Friday, I leave for the weekend. I’m going to Norwich to stay with a family (whom has no pets and one 9 year old son). Another girl from my flat is staying with this family also. Norwich is in NorthEastern England. It should be nice to see the countryside and somewhere outside of London. We signed up for sponsored events today. I’ll eventually be doing one day trips to Stone Henge and the other is to Canterbury&Leeds.

All in all its pretty good, I like a good bunch of the students in my program including my roomie. All in all, thats about it. They’ve been keeping us pretty busy so I haven’t had much free time. I skyped my rents and Shilpa once and barely had time for that. I need to buy a normal people sized towel and proper bedsheets (one which I’m borrowing now). As soon as we get some more free time I’ll be able to from Argos. Argos is a store where you go look through their catalogs (at the store), then choose what you want, and place an order, and pick it up elsewhere in the store? …Maybe I’ll just go to IKEA.
Commuting is no problem, the Tube is a breeze. Work should be pretty close and school is about an hour away.
Thats about it for now kiddies. Time to get ready for the evening!

P.S. no hair straightener yet. ouch.  (Jami, I know you can understand the distress).

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