HCId, London

Why travel when Google Earth will take me everywhere?

I mapped up my apartment, office, and University on Google Earth. I even found a nifty feature that marks all the underground tube stations. This is out of control. I’ve been doing research on technology, news, and the future for a class. I believe GoogleEarth will be part of the framework for a info-social-network-sharing-hub.
Nonetheless, I went on a pushpin binge and found marked branches of my bank, the US embassy, and so on. In my mapping haze, I found some home away from home comfort: 6 of my friends will be in Europe next semester, I’m friends with 2 IU kids in my program, and Ashley Dinges is booking a flight during her spring break. If you’re looking for a party in spring.. it’s across the Atlantic! 45 days and counting…


When you withdraw money from a Roth IRA, the IRS always assumes your original contributions come out first. Even if you deposit the money into a taxable account before tax-deductible withdrawals, the money you deposited into the Roth can be taxed at withdrawal, just be sure to use a roth ira calculator from the beginning.

In 2013, the IRS changed its policies regarding the tax treatment of pre-tax contributions and post-tax withdrawals from Roth IRAs. The new rules, which were announced in 2015, will allow you to withdraw cash from a Roth IRA tax-free at any time up to age 59, if you meet certain other conditions.

However, if you plan on using the money to pay down the balance on a traditional IRA or convert it to another investment, you can’t withdraw the money without paying a 10 percent penalty.

After you withdraw the money from a Roth IRA, the tax treatment of the funds changes. They become nondeductible if you withdraw the money to pay taxes or penalties. However, you may have to report the contribution to your tax return if you later convert the money to another type of IRA.

Don’t invest in certain mutual funds and other investments that don’t offer a tax-deferred, non-interest-bearing account for contributions or distributions. If you’re not sure, check with your financial advisor or check the rules for the mutual fund or other investment in which you’ve invested.

It’s important to invest in low-cost mutual funds and other investments when you’re working to build a nest egg. But make sure you follow the rules and do what you can to avoid negative tax consequences if you don’t make proper investments. It’s still possible to get a tax break if you pay qualified higher education expenses.

When you work out how to make the most of your IRA, consider the following benefits:

Roth IRAs give you a tax-free withdrawal from your account in retirement, provided you’re age 50 or older.