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Fifty Days till London

The London Countdown:

2 months
7 weeks
50 days
1,200 hours
72,000 minutes
4,320,000 seconds(ish)

Fifty days seems like a long time… I assure you it’s not! The timing is perfect really. As much as I love Bloomington, I couldn’t be more ready to go abroad.

From January to April I will be living, studying, playing, and interning in London. I am among the 3 non-business students coming from IU on this program. I will be housed with other students in the same program and relatively close to my office.

My internship is at the House Magazine (, the British Parliament’s weekly mag. However, it’s not official till I arrive in London and complete the interview process.

[Quoting Advisor’s Email]
Your coordinator said the following about your placement:

“My game plan here was to take all the elements gleaned from Nina’s application ie: Journalism & Political Science; Journalism & Design; Magazine design; News Magazine Visual Designer; Design & Politics – and have managed to combine her field work choices for both first and second choices listed on her application. , ie: (i) journalism & artistic skills (ii) work in the political field (plus some web-work) and she is to meet with the senior editors at the unique weekly publication for The Houses of Parliament, that deals with interviews and articles about senior government figures, policies, etc. etc. – The only magazine publication to be endorsed by your friend and mine – Tony Blair

“The House Magazine has become an important source of information and a great asset to Westminster life.” – Prime Minister Tony Blair, MP”

HCId, London

Why travel when Google Earth will take me everywhere?

I mapped up my apartment, office, and University on Google Earth. I even found a nifty feature that marks all the underground tube stations. This is out of control. I’ve been doing research on technology, news, and the future for a class. I believe GoogleEarth will be part of the framework for a info-social-network-sharing-hub.
Nonetheless, I went on a pushpin binge and found marked branches of my bank, the US embassy, and so on. In my mapping haze, I found some home away from home comfort: 6 of my friends will be in Europe next semester, I’m friends with 2 IU kids in my program, and Ashley Dinges is booking a flight during her spring break. If you’re looking for a party in spring.. it’s across the Atlantic! 45 days and counting…