Six December mixes that wrap up the year with a bow


December is a special month. Here’s a roundup of my favourite December mixes that look back at 2012 and take us into the new year. They’ll get you through the bitter cold, long car rides, sleepy airplanes and hopefully while wrapped up under warm blankies with warm people in a warm place.

Karmon – Diynamic Radio Show (Diynamic, DIY)
Midsland; House
This mix has barely been out for a day and I’m loving it. He starts off with the beautiful and sexy Frank Wiedemann & Ry Cuming track Howling. It’s completely acoustic and has me melting every time. It then takes you through a smooth and straight dance mix. It’s housey, rich and stays warm and dabbles. This one, your family might like.



Atish – Dark & White (Listed, House Heads)
San Francisco, Melodic Deep House
I think Atish is in a good mood this month. This mix like many of his will get you wiggling, smiling and in a grooving. But he brings something new to the table. This mix is in true form a melodic deep house mix, but is made for the wintertime. It’s steady and is obviously off the heels of his last and more technical sounding mix, Orbit. This mix makes me want to hold people I love.



Vinayak^a – Lonesome Train Album Mix (Wind Horse)
Bangalore, Progressive
This is a progressive mix, especially the first half. Like many of Vinayak^a’s mixes, it’s eclectic in range and will absolutely remind you there is great dance music being produced outside Europe and North America. For all the house heads in the room, there’s something in here for you too. You’ll love this mix when you hit the treadmill or track for the first time on January 1st after two months of eating pies.



Berlin, Minimal
Here’s a minimal mix with some heart. It’s stretchy, floating and still, somehow has all the the blips and beeps you love. Spending some of your vacation working on a project you’ve been putting off? Writing thank you cards for gifts? Jam to this one on headphones when you can hide away for some ‘you time’, It’ll make you feel good. Be not afraid of playing this minimal mix with family either, they might like it!

Blackstock – (Less is More)

San Francisco; Techno
With the re-launch of Less is More, SF pal Alex Blackstock, brings a new mix series ABX with serious techno, it does nothing more than drive straight forward like a bullet. It’s technical, hard and steel. You’ll want this one while you’re waiting on the El train Platform with your toes frozen and soaked from walking in slush or shoveling the driveway for mom or dad. But fear not of this brushed metal, the ABX series isn’t made for grinches. Make it to the end and your heart will also grow triple in size.


Mark Slee – DST Nightfall (Listed, House Heads)
San Francisco; Tech House
Here’s the first mix from Slee after his sensual and emotional Slinky series. Taking us down a different path, he plays out darker sounds, new textures but still the keeps the long tones and bells floating in the background that he loves so much. While this DJ is a family man, enjoy this mix with your favourite friends and one too many hot toddies.

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  1. Akrinky says:

    Merry grettings to you all and thanks 4 the mixes!

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