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The Guardian!

“You sort of got to go whole heartedly. If you go half, there’s no real change.”

I am thankful again to be in London. Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure to have lunch with Mark Leeds at The Guardian. Across the street from the newsroom, over lunch we talked about the changing role newspaper design has. As the special projects director, I’m sure he’s quite busy, but he seemed happy to help me with my research assignment.

We had met at SND Orlando in the elevator on the way to the Banquet. After Florida, we corresponded a few times, and well, here I am! It was very interesting to learn what the philosophies are behind such a massive and reader-considerate publication are. And of course, though it goes without saying, just Brilliant. I’ll save you the gush and share some photos:

The Guardian How do you percieve

I found this down the street.  The essentials:
The basic necessities

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