Playing Ketchup

Let me explain: I’ve been doing everything. Let me walk you through it.

We slaved away on our million word papers (7,263 to be exact). It was kind of like a war zone in the common room. Note the Tim Harrower book:

Damage Control

I slaved away throughout the weekend but Shilpa took me on a study break. We dropped some heavy clams for Mexican cuisine. Less like a war zone:

Study break

Sunday (Easter) I saw Shilpa again and we went to the the Eucharist at St. Paul’s Cathedral. It was packed, kind of like a War Zone with Jesus undertones:

Easter morning after Eucharist at St. Paul's Cathedral

The Redcliffe Gang organized a dinner thing. It was the best we’ve eaten in a very long time. Power eating before final pushes on our paper. I wasn’t sure what I should contribute, so I brought samosas. I mean, it’s London, come on!

The Feast

What would London be without a Samosa?

Sadly, I had my last day of work. Since my blog is being funny, here’s the YouTube link. The funniest part is that when I started working there it would have been WAY too dark to even get out a camera. Now it’s happy sunshiney.

Dad would have loved this. I made it to my Hyde Park Corner just by sunset.


I also attended a service at Westminster Abbey and saw the rest of the Design Museum. Here’s a nice shot from my walk through Trafalgar Square:


Shilpa and I tried to go to Ministry of Sound. We tried so hard to get there but.. it was closed. Here’s the failed attempt documented:


Today, I detoxed and it was the best. I woke up to the beautiful sun. Got down to the convenience store to break some notes to get change for Laundry. I bought myself a Guardian and did my laundry. While waiting for the tumble I made Chicken and pesto pasta and a side of greens, cucumber, and strawberry salad. All made by mis manos (hands). I pieced through the paper then folded my warm clothes. The sad part was packing my suitcase. I think I’m going to get it all to fit. Hopefully. I napped, blogged, and here I am. Tonight is the last time I’ll get to go to The Fest. Friendliest Pub in London:
The Fest on Fulham

Tea at The Savoy was delightful and delectable:

Tea room

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