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What are we going to do about the news?

During the second and final year of graduate school I worked on a research and design project related to news, design and storytelling. I created a platform and UI called Newskite, to engage people around the world about major global current affairs. This project helps understand what people are hearing in our connected but disjointed world. What are people in Peru hearing about the earthquake in Japan? How is did the Arab Spring affect how people in China thought about policy? Newskite brings those answers.

Presentation Video

Scrub to 01:02:00 for my 15 minute talk. You can follow along with the slide deck below.


Audio Stories
Below are the audio stories from actual people in other countries making calls and telling stories about what they’re hearing in the news about our global events.

Full stories

Newskite Poster 2.0

Thank you to very many many people but especially to professor Hans Ibold who pushed me hardest and mentored me more than anyone else at Indiana University.

Thank you to my trusted colleagues

I also received constructive feedback written commentary.
Presentation Feedback

Tweets during and soon after the presentation
Newskite Tweetstream

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