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Writers on Coulour

When visiting somewhere new, you hit all the attractions based on a hierarchy. You make sure to visit all the places you ‘have to’ then all the places you ‘want to’ and if you’re lucky all the places you hadn’t thought about.

I took myself to the Barbican Arts Center today and checked out an architecture exhibit by Alvar Aalto and also Tomas Saraceno’s The Curve. I really enjoyed both.
But honestly, my favourite part was sitting outside at the Lakeside Terrace. The sun finally came out, the kind Barcelona had. Where my eyes had to squint, myface and back got warm, but the wind was still pretty cool. Anyway, I bought a set of 9 cards with poems about colors on the backs of each. They’re really lovely, and I read them by the fountains outside. I cannot wait to set them up… when I live somewhere.

Writers on Colour

Poem Shown: Take a Brush (Green)
By Michael Rosen

Take a brush:
the sky is green
the grass is blue
you are purple
the house is silver
the sun is black
the river is gold
the world has changed.
Did you do that?

from Writers on Colour, Barbican New Poetry Commission

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