Twilio makes an API that powers messaging and voice calls so developers can build powerful communication apps. Her work there ranges interaction, experience and brand design.

(Open) Sesame

Twilio has a lot of visitors. We have interviews, friends, tour groups and all kinds of other meetings. For our Tweek (hackweek) project, a front end, backend, developer evangelist and designer (me) worked on improving the first and returning office experience.

The old iPad app didn't capture data or interact with the visitor or Twilio employees. So we built a prototype for a welcome system that helps us print badges and account for first time, returning and large group visits.

  • See a progression of sketches and UIs

  • Buying a short code with Twilio

    A better way

    When I began this project, a one-page short code application already existed at Twilio. Our goal was to help guide the process of applying for a code because it requires making many decisions that branch down different paths.

    We also wanted to capture email addresses for sales to contact those with incomplete forms and for marketing drip campaigns. To begin this project I learned from our operation specialists where we have the most drop off and made a postcard for each field to organize the order, flow and categories for the forms.

    What is a short code?

    Short codes are special, short phone numbers used for bulk or high-volume text messaging. For example, the phone number 2653 (COKE) is Coca Cola's phone number. Short codes are expensive, take months buy from carriers. Before Twilio, buying a short code was until now like this. Rough.


    1. See a progression of sketches and UIs
    2. Use the live Short Code application
    3. See a clickable prototype for helper text

    Unique Challenges

    1. Navigation
    2. Time to complete form
    3. Commuincating pricing
    4. What to auto-populate
    5. SMS Conversation flows

    Visualizing the Heartbeat of Twilio

    This data visualization installation was made with Kyle Conroy using data and processing to show calls being made on Twilio. The length of each line represents one phone call being made on Twilio in that moment. The installation was showcased at our annual conference, Twiliocon in 2012.

    User testing in the wild: research at Twilicon

    The second annual Twilicon conference for developers and our community proposed and opportunity to do a broad and wide dive of research with our users. For this I prepared and structured up to nine half-hour sessions a day and trained our devx to run, record and analize the sessions.

    This process thereby gave the Twilio a user testing model, which had not formerly been done with an organized process, output and buyin from management.

    OmGenie will give you what you want

    OmGenie is a Twilio sms app inspired by a 2-person meditation exercise where one person asks for what they want and the other says " you can have it" and affirms the desire. OmGenie is the first Twilio app I built. Text (415) 683 7914 and try it out.

    This meditation app might help you:

    • Inspire explicit and sub-concious productive action
    • Exhaust you from material and ego-driven desires
    • Be happy

    Twilio Leaps The Pond

    I designed a map for Twilio's Europe launch.

    # # # # #

    Making the API more human

    For a hiring push we redesigned our jobs page. To make the team and our company more accessible I took photos of Twilions in the office. We initially had everyone send a photo of themselves they liked and planned to shoot the rest. As I was taking the portaits, a consistent look across pictures made sense.

    Being able to take the photos inhouse meant my colleagues were more comfortable having their picture taken and scheduling with busy teams was much easier. I scheduled, shot, edited and color corrected each picture.

    Taken with a Panasonic Lumix GF1.